Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bad Oreo!

You might be wondering what the heck is wrong with me... A bad Oreo? Really?? There is no such thing.. is there?

Well.... there is for me.

By the end of October we went on vacation to visit the in-laws.... in COLOMBIA! ;-)
For me this trip began full of stress. I was worried and unsure dreading to be My sweet baby boy is super active, I strongly believe he doesn't have the ability to stay still. At home, I enjoy every minute, but on a cramped space, on a plane, over 30,000 feet on the air... I was scared.

To my utter surprise, he did wonderfully! He slept, ate and played completely calmed with minimal crying. I was feeling pretty good taking into consideration that I was sleep deprived, tired and hungry. So when the Flight Attendant handed us our lunch (which by the way was quite good and included.... Way to Go Copa Airlines!!) and I saw the familiar packaging... I felt extreme happiness and all my worries completely melted away. That was until I took a bite out of the cookie.

For some reason that completely eludes me, not all Oreo's are done the same. The ones we got were made in Nicaragua. The cookies do look the same, but the taste was off and he creamy filling was NOT creamy! Is that filling supposed to have granulated sugar? And the cookie... well the chocolate taste was not as strong, more like mild milk chocolate. That was SO disappointing!

It's hard to see, but there are sugar crystals there!! 

Shouldn't all Oreo cookies be the same? Shouldn't it be the same recipe even if made in different locations? I don't know the Oreo recipe, nor I know if granulated sugar is on the recipe, all I know is that I love the creamy filling and those Oreo's don't have it. Shame on you Nabisco...shame on you!

Have you ever found a bad Oreo?

P.S. Needless to say upon our arrival we went shopping for the good stuff!

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