Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Cake

I have been a bad blogger... over a month with no post... shame on me.

Do please keep in mind that I'm on my last days (fingers crossed) of pregnancy and I have been "trying" to catch as many zzz as possible. Not much luck on that. Oh well, I better get used to it right?

Any how... I do have a few stuff to blog about, I just need a working brain to sit down and write about it :-)

In the mean time I leave you with my first attempt at a big cake...

It was an experience, I learned a lot in the process and it was really fun. It was not 100% what I wanted, but is my first and I wont be hard on myself. I enjoyed the proses and even if it wasn't perfect I feel proud of the result....

I have to thank Gail Dosik for her amazing tutorial on Swiss Meringue Buttercream.... You have to check it out!!!

Please .... don't look at the smudges... poor monkey has an ear full of frosting...

I think I may do a tutorial for the animals... I adore them, specially the dog which is inspired on my girl Leia..

They look alike right? lol

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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