Monday, October 24, 2011

And the winners are!!!!!!!

Here are the winners for the Team Sabre Halloween!!

This was such a fun experience with lots of learning!!! Lots of them!

All the entries where just great, and guess what, the winners are sold! Congrats!!

For Spookiest....... 

with a 34.7% of the votes


And now Most Original.......

With a 25.7 % of the votes....

Calista's Hair Clips!!

Congratulations to the winners!

Happy Halloween!


  1. omgosh!!! i'd like to thank the academy and this is for all those crazy spiders out there just looking for a web to call home! lol

    thanks hecmi for all your hard work! was such fun to be a part of!

  2. Great items! Good job everyone!

  3. These are all wonderful! I'm a new follower from blog buddies and I'm enjoying looking through your blog.

  4. Boo! I missed it >_< Let me know when there is another giveaway. =)

    Found you through blogging buddies