Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sugar Cookies part one

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." ~Author Unknown

So funny and so  true.  I will always thank God for letting me find the love of my life. Is truly amazing to have someone by your side who not only loves you but supports you in everything you want, no matter how crazy it may be. Love you G.

Today’s project is decorated sugar cookies. These cookies are not only tasty and cute, they are functional. How? Simple, they are great personalized gifts, excellent for party decoration, and how about greeting cards, thank you cards or just some cute souvenirs… see, functional.

Lets say you have an up coming party, like, I don’t know, a baby shower … did I mention I’m pregnant, of course I have everything baby on my mind ;)  So wouldn’t some cute baby onesie cookies be a great decoration, or thank you gift? Let’s see how it works out. Please keep in mind that I haven’t attempted this before, well the cookie part yes, the decorating part, big NO.

How to get started, first, there is a great blog for us, University of Cookies. How cool is that!!! They have great video tutorials for all beginners.  Then make sure you have all supplies you need at hand and in good condition. I had some piping bag malfunction along with some missing couplers. Yes, that’s the beauty of moving, things get lost. I’m sure I’ll find them, once I get the new ones of course. For the moment I used a small Ziploc bag, not my favorite thing to use, but they are great for emergencies.

The cookie recipe that I used is from Bridget (Bake at 350) posted on University of Cookies. Is a great recipe, very easy. I did had to add a bit extra flour to get it to the right consistency, but on her tutorial, the dough came out perfect with the amount stated on the recipe. My suggestion, stick to the recipe, but if by any chance the dough come out to wet, a little bit of flour can do the trick, just not too much or it will dry out the cookies. For the rolling, I used a bit of flour on the rolling pin, and wax paper. Those two along with a cold dough work like magic ;) 
I made a mistake of not taking pictures of the dough making and rolling process  (now I have an excuse to do it again ;D ), but this is the result, a nice sturdy, yet soft cookie. 

I did different cut outs for practice. On the next post Ill show you the decoration!!

Have a good one ;D


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